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Group Classes on pause due to COVID 19.

Stay Tuned! 

Community Folk Orchestra


The RCFO is open to all acoustic instruments (except percussion) and is an exciting way for people of varying ages and skill level to come together to play fun music!

We will play folk tunes from various traditions, make groovy arrangements specific to our group, learn harmonies and get ideas for playing together. 

The Community Orchestra is open to many skill levels - if you have a basic understanding of your instrument and can play some melodies, or know a handful of common chords like G, C, D, A, E, you're welcome to join us and we'll create a part for you!

We will mostly be learning these tunes by ear but sometimes sheet music can be provided.

Intro to Harmonica


This is a group class open to adults, and independent kids / teens.

Harmonica is a super fun and expressive instrument that fits in your pocket! It's easy to practice once you've started because you can take it with you everywhere.

In this 5 week course we will start from the very start!


We will learn:

-How to play a major scale, for use in folk songs and fiddle tunes! ("Straight Harp" style)
-How to play Blues style harmonica
-Some fun tunes to get you started
-How to play with others

-and.. we'll have some grand harmonica ensemble playing all-together moments!!


Booklet provided with course fee, and harmonicas available for $20.
(Or you can bring your own if you have a diatonic harmonica in the key of A)


Balfolk Partner Dances

In this 5-week course you and your partner (or anyone in your household/bubble) will learn some of the commonly danced partner folk dances from Western Europe!

We will learn the French style waltz, mazurka, schottische, polka, polka-pique, schottische/valse, and bourree!

No dance experience necessary! The dances will be taught in a non-gendered way, i.e., anyone may lead and anyone may follow. It is fun to learn both roles!

This will be a safe way to learn some dances in a small group setting so that once we are permitted to have big dances again you are ready for the dance floor!

All classes will be accompanied by live music!